Filing Initial Long Term Disability Applications

Despite what the insurance companies want you to believe, the days of you and your doctor filling out a few forms and you winning your long term disability claim are long over. Profit making  disability insurance companies are not your friends, and will look for any reason to deny your legitimate claim. They count on the fact that many disability claimants, artificially set at ease by a friendly disability claim representative, will file their claims on their own thinking the company “will do the right thing”. After all, “I have cancer and these are the ‘good hands people’”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For this reason, clients frequently hire Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco to file their initial claim for benefits. This has two key advantages for the client. First, you are relieved of the stress and fear that one mistake on your application will lead to economic disaster for your family. As we have said before, if you are sick, the last thing you need is this additional stress. Second, in our experience, disability insurance companies are more likely to deny claimants. When the disability claims rep calls you to say, “we need additional information from your doctor by tomorrow, otherwise we will deny your claim”, wouldn’t it be much easier to tell the claims representative politely,  “I’ll have my lawyer call you”, instead of scurrying around only to find out that your doctor is on vacation for the next three weeks.

We obtain approvals at the initial application stage by strategically obtaining all the medical and vocational evidence to pay the claim, and then sending it to the insurance carrier in one complete package with our written theory as to why the claim should be approved. Even in the case of an unfortunate initial denial, we prepare the “evidentiary record” in a way that will greatly enhance the chances of winning on appeal. We have filed initial applications for clients with claims against almost every disability insurance company in the country, including  Unum Group (formerly UnumProvident Corporation, the nation’s largest disability insurance carrier), Guardian, CIGNA, Prudential, Hartford, Met Life, Liberty Mutual, Aetna, Mass Mutual, Berkshire, Northwestern Mutual, Broadspire, New York Life, Equitable, AXA, MONY, Jefferson Pilot, Trustmark and Disability Management Services.

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